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Krzysztof Król

tel. 503 456 060

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It always fascinated me to stop the moment. Recording the moment of someone's look, the appearance of the object, building, interior. In my endeavors, I present an image as it really is - which I remember. Analogue photography allowed me to capture the moment, the shape, however, was always burdened with the influence of the negative on which the picture was taken and the further photolab process.

Digital photography still has a hardware factor: matrix, internal image processing by the camera processor. However, it allows me a lot more. Setting any white balance depending on the existing lighting, using color templates during the session. Or later processing that gives the possibility of any correction so as to present the subject in the picture as faithfully as possible. Proper color profiling, however, excludes surprises when receiving printed photos.

I know how to process photos for over 15 years. I also completed a course of professional image editing at the Academy of Photography. Fascination with the equipment or how it all works to create a beautiful picture lasts for over 25 years. I worked on the sale of photographic equipment as well as on the sale of photo sessions. Currently, my specialty is the use of artificial light with various modifiers so as to best present the object. A portable studio that is easy to transport is now the greatest passion.